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"Can I learn English speaking in 3 days? How is it possible?"


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Learning anything is difficult and English is no exception. However, there are ways to make the situation easier and English BOL India becomes the right source to fulfill this objective. Learning English speaking for most of us is like any other education/training program. All you need to do is attend a course and practise – that’s it. However, most of them who try following the conventional methods either fail in their endeavour or simply leave it midway. Enlightenment is the key.The English BOL Introduction session helps remove myths associated with the learning process. Individuals who find themselves at cross roads need to know the right path of acquiring superior English speaking skills. “The Secrets to Learn Spoken English Effectively” is one such 2 hours Introductory training module that helps them gain this knowledge.

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Attend 2 hrs. INTRODUCTION SESSION to break open the myths and treasure box of the most innovative and modern learning processes.


THE WORKSHOP →  Create a strong foundation

The 3 Days English BOL workshop builds a strong platform on which you will be able to practice your English speaking skills. The workshop helps you apply some unique techniques and strategies that acts as a catalyst in developing your speaking skills. You get to undo your long term constraints of speaking, in two ways. One is the intricacies of the English language and second is the psychological barriers like confidence, hesitation and fear of speaking. The English BOL 3 Days workshop is filled with a lot of practical speaking sessions with audio and video recordings for analysis purposes. The workshop is held for 3 consecutive days and each day it starts in the morning and continues till everning with enough breaks in short durations. Participants leave the workshop with a sense of fulfilment as they get the ultimate training experience in English speaking.

Why would you like to spend weeks, months & years trying to learn English speaking from institutes, books and CDs and still remain confused at the end of it? The 3 Days workshop acts as a catalyst towards achieving your English speaking goals in a complete, fast and effective way - we repeat - COMPLETE, FAST AND EFFECTIVE WAY.


AFTER THE WORKSHOP →  have a coach

Books and videos are good. But they only help in explaining concepts. English speaking is a skill and you need a ‘real’ someone to guide you through developing your skill. Merely understanding concepts will not help. You need a live person who can share time and energy with you to get you moving to your next level. At English BOL India, you get a coach with whom you can get trained within the comforts of your home or office and even while you are travelling. This process is known as English BOL TELE-COACHING. As the name suggests, the coaching is done via telephonic conversations. The Tele-Coaching process at English BOL is one of the favorites among its users/participants especially due to its convenience and the content factor. Relaxed, Enjoying and Happy – that is where you will find yourself at the end of 3 months with your new English speaking abilities.

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