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The Secret to learning to speak English effectively

Established in 2007, English BOL was formed with the intention to provide individuals the ability to provide an enhanced personality while being fearless and confident with their English communication skills through a global perspective.

English BOL is a premium workshop based training designed by the institute after 8 years of hardcore research and successful trials on thousands of students with English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati & other medium academic education. A unique teaching methodology developed for the first time in India, it provides simple & innovative ways to learn complete applied and fundamental grammar that is required to speak English effectively in your daily life. English BOL is a fun way to learn English. The workshop is conducted more on a psychological level rather than an academic level which makes learning faster.

To be the leader in empowering a nation of individuals who can express in English – whatever, wherever, whenever and with whomever they want.
Our mission is to develop English communication skills for every individual using approaches that are practical, convenient and effective by leveraging technology and research with an openness to supersede our own beliefs.
Year 2008: Established the English speaking institute
Year 2009: Launched the 3 Days English speaking workshop under the name English BOL
Year 2010: Conducted our first Corporate Training
Year 2011: Launched Tele-Coaching
Year 2012: Launched AVF (Automated Voice Feeds)
Year 2013: Touched the 1000 student mark
Year 2014: Completed 75 workshops
Year 2015: Started the first professional Franchisee set-up
Coming Soon: The English BOL Mobile App


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English BOL India has completed more than 75 workshops in the past 4 years with hundreds of participants taking its benefit. It also takes pride in following-up with the students long after they have completed their courses through the innovative English BOL Tele-coaching initiative.From a modest questionable beginning, the 3 days English BOL workshops today have been accepted by individuals and corporate world, alike. Our objective remains the same – Give a transformational experience by being complete, fast and effective!
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An online internactive English speaking course, for those who can “read” English, but are unable to “speak” confidently and fluently

Duration: 4 Weeks – 2 hours sessions, thrice a week

The English BOL Online Interactive Workshop is perfect for learning to speak English through highly effective and engaging live online sessions, anytime, anywhere. The coach and the learner collaborate effectively using audio & video communication tools. One gets a typical classroom effect with advanced whiteboard tools and by accessing class recordings after the live session gets over.

Reduce effort, time & cost, by learning to speak English online through the English BOL Online Interactive sessions that delivers you a complete, fast and effective learning experience. Millions of students across the world are turning to the Internet to enrich their learning experience. Take your smart step NOW!

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It’s a small world and it is getting smaller. Thanks to the internet and the developing global economy, people are increasingly using English as a common way to communicate. Companies and large businesses are finding it inevitable to employ people who have the added skills of effectively communicating in English. Today, organizations require manpower with English speaking skills to maintain its success in this highly competitive world. Though English language courses are gaining much popularity in every big and small town in India, the result and the effectiveness of these endeavors towards actual speaking leave much to be desired. Learning anything is difficult and English is no exception. However, there are ways to make the situation easier and English BOL India becomes the right source to fulfill this objective.

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Meet The Team

Anil Kartha
Anil Kartha
Anil Kartha, in a vibrant ambience, creates a new view of learning spoken English among the participants of the workshop. With 17 years of experience behind him and having worked across various sectors of industries, he has acquired a keen sense of the requirements and shortfalls that organizations face today in terms of skilled English speaking personnel. His workshops are specifically conducted to bridge this gap. The participants who attend this workshop develop a better personality, overcome stage fear and renewed sense of confidence to master spoken English.
Geetha Kartha
She is loved and revered by the participants for her sweet voice and guidance during her Telecoaching sessions. She heads the Telecoaching initiative that helps individuals hone their day-to-day interactions with people in English. She is post-graduate in Organic Chemistry from VG Vaze College, Mumbai and is also pursues numerology as a hobby. Having spent most of her schooling days abroad, she brings forth an international perspective and touch to the delivery of English speaking. The penchant for the English language, and a natural flair to communicate with an array of assorted vocabulary skills became the compelling force for her to share the gem of knowledge with other enthusiasts.
Naresh Mathur
He is an Electrical Engineer, who also has a dual qualification of graduating in English Literature from Mumbai university. He is associated with English BOL India right from its inception and is responsible for getting much of registrations especially in the initial period when there was no record or proof of the effectiveness of the 3 days English BOL workshops. It was his sheer belief and convictions that helped English BOL India gain the initial momentum. He has worked with companies like Hindustan Times, Johnson & Johnson and is currently supporting English BOL India with the day-to-day affairs. Further, he heads the Free Introductory sessions initiative of English BOL that helps in spreading the awareness of using the right methodologies to learn English speaking effectively.
Dr. Sunil Pevekar
He is the man of the year for English BOL India. It is he who has sparked off the initiative to reach English BOL benefits to the nook and corner of our country. He is our Master Franchisee for Maharashtra region. He comes with loads of qualifications and experience behind him. To mention just one of them, he is a doctorate in Marketing from IIM, Ahmedabad. He now works as a strategic management consultant to various organizations. He got keenly interested to use his enterprise and expertise as a stepping stone to spread English BOL education nationwide. His mission is to appoint quality franchisees that are committed to the cause of quality education with all stakeholders and clients getting equally benefitted and prospering.


A must attend for anyone needing the confidence to speak English.
A great approach towards upgrading one’s English speaking skills.
Satish Kadam, Chartered Accountant
Non-English medium background students will find it a blessing.
Prashant Kashikar, Mika Engineering Pvt. Ltd